Cooking Basics..Everything you need to know about cooking

My name is Kayla and I’m 12 years old. Sound familiar? Well this 12-year-old has a thing for cooking, a big thing. I get a lot of my recipes from Food Network and some from All Recipes, but I put a spin on a lot of the recipes. I love cooking, but baking is even more fun! I love making Asian-inspired dishes, as well as healthy dishes.

I love to travel. Last summer, I went to Italy, Paris, and Nigeria. I wish I had an apperciation for food like I did now, becuase instead of ordering things like pizza, I would have taken more advantage of crepes on the street of Paris (although I did indulge in crepes with chocolate sauce and ice cream). Just a little hint, once you’ve had crepes in Paris, no crepes in America will ever compare!

 If you have questions or comments email me at! I love love getting emails! If you have advice, questions, or even want me to mention your site, submit recipes to your site, be a guest blogger, or anything shoot me an email!You can also follow me on Twitter,!

That’s me! 🙂


Marisa says:

Wow, wow & wow! Wish I’d’ve thought of a blog when I was 12. Hats off!

ML Hines says:

Hi Kayla, it’s good to see you taking such an interest in cooking at such a young age. I was the same way growing up, always in the kitchen with my parents and Grandparents, mostly playing with the pots and pans but in the kitchen nonetheless. Keep up the good work, as there’s always room for a few more chefs in the world. I’ll be trying some of your recipes soon and maybe I’ll send you a few of mine!! ;>) (Nice picture)


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