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{August 25, 2010}   Sugar Cookies, Once Againn !

Hey dolls! How are you guys ? I really have a “thing ” for these sugar cookies! They are Alton Brown’s recipe, and they are to die for! We just add a little bit extra vanilla, for some yummy vanilla flavor! The recipe is already up, under Red and Blue Sugar Cookies (although, this time, we didn’t use food coloring). I got these adorable glass slipper and daisy cookie cutters ! My best friend, Anabelle, (the one who I made them with for 4th of July)

Anabelle did the daisies, and I did the glass slippers! We love, loved these ! We also did a really simple chocolate glaze (sorry, can’t post the recipe, I add wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much glaze left! ) Anyways, I strongly reccomend this recipe!


Bonnie Polla says:

The cookies look great-glad you got to use your new cookie cutters already. I have a good recipe for you that I made last night. Mini chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese/choc chip filling. Let me know if you want me to post it, or I can email it to you for your site. Love, Granny

They look delicious! I’ll try them next time I make rolled sugar cookies.

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